Tri Training


To endure.  What does it mean to train for endurance?  To do a 5k run? Sure.  To do a half marathon? Ok.  To finish your first triathlon? Ya cool.

…But I see much more surrounding the ability to endure…

I see people pushing past both physical and metaphysical boundaries.  I see individuals finding more internal strength they ever thought they could manifest.  I see people falling in love with the outdoors and bad weather.  I see people finding mental clarity and peace only after the most chaotic, physically demanding workout.

Endurance training is my 2nd love next to my 4 yr old boy.  I love helping others discover the same love.  I coach beginner endurance athletes.  From your first 5k, to your first open water swim, to your first half iron distance triathlon, I want to guide you through the endurance training process.

Endurance training is a great step as well for breathing new life into your fitness.  For instance if the gym has lost it’s flavor, give swim/bike/run a shot.  You may find yourself going through more shoes than normal.  You may find new chafed areas on your body.  You may find yourself waking up early on Sundays.  You may find yourself addicted.  I’d like to help support that addiction.

My endurance training credentials include competing at the ITU World Championship Long Course level. I received 2009/2010 Honorable mention and national ranking of 94 for 30 through 34 yr old age group by USA Triathlon.  I have many podium finishes for local races and placed 6 out of 46 in the World Championships.  I’m currently obtaining my USAT Triathlon Level 1 Coaching certification and coach an extremely successful Half/Full Marathon club called the Rockin’ Runners.  Join me and fall in love with the road, the water, your body, and the life of ENDURANCE.

For more info, text me anytime 702-767-7917 or email me!