Swim Clinics

The best kept secret in fitness…SWIMMING!

The benefits from swimming are virtually endless!  Here’s just a few of the most important reasons to get your butt in the water:

1.  Swimming face down, front crawl style swimming burns more calories an hour than any other form of cardio due to the fact that all muscles in the body are enlisted making your heart work a great deal harder than something just enlisting the legs.

2.  Swimming is the only form of exercise where you get gravity off your body.  This makes it rehabilitative allowing spine and joints to decompress which is impossible with most land cardio.  It’s ideal for people with injuries, arthritis, or tendinitis whom cannot safely handle weight bearing cardio.  Although training with weights and doing power exercises with your trainer is good stress, it’s still stress on the body.  Swimming can help reverse the muscle/tendon damage from weights/impact exercise whether you’re swimming for rehab or fitness.

3.  You can swim when you’re 100 years old thus provoking fitness longevity throughout all your days!

So how do the Nancy’s swim clinics work?

All clinics will be held at LVAC  pools on 215 and Eastern.  We will decide together if you the swimmer would be best placed in GROUP 1 or GROUP 2.

Group 1 is for total beginners working on basic breathing and becoming comfortable with placing face in the water.  This is held in the warm pool as there’s not enough movement yet to keep heart rate up and stay warm.  May advance to kickboard work.  May also advance to group 2 if necessary.

Group 2 is for individuals comfortable with ryhthmic, face down breathing in the water.  Their goal is focused on eventually swimming continuous laps for fitness.  They will, depending on ability be receiving stroke mechanic drills or actual swim workouts.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Corehore Swim Clinic Single Session is $19.  But talk about a priceless skill!!

Swim clinics will be held 2 to 3 times a week. 

For more info, text me anytime 702-767-7917 or email me!

I look forward to seeing you there!