PNF Stretching Testimonial

Prior to meeting Nancy, I had been having problems with my right hip and leg going numb while running and working out. I had seen numerous doctors for blood work and MRIs of basically every part of my body to figure out what was causing the issue. The tests always came back normal, which is a good thing, but not when you are in so much pain and you just want answers. I finally decided to take a holistic approach and get stretched by Nancy. After only a few stretches, I had my first run with no pain and shaved a minute off my average mile pace. It was unbelievable! I recommend Nancy to all my friends and it is very affordable! Getting stretched by Nancy is now part of my normal routine and it really is amazing! – Vanessa Baur

Swim Clinic Testimonial

Nancy’s swim clinics are working wonders for me. I decided to sign up for a sprint triathlon, and about a month into training on my own I was not seeing any improvement in my swimming, so I decided it was time for some help. Within just a few weeks of attending I noticed improvement across the board, my volume was increasing, I felt myself getting faster, and I no longer felt like I was just flailing about in the water…I was actually starting to feel like I knew what I was doing! There is no doubt in my mind she is helping me reach my goal MUCH faster than I could have on my own. I can’t thank her enough! -Joseph Brown

Fitness Training Testimonial

I am proud to boast that I have just completed my first year of training with Nancy Dickinson.  She has, single handedly, changed my life for the better, and I cannot even remember my life without her.  By profession I am an English teacher, yet I cannot find words strong enough to express just how amazing she truly is. Nancy is a cheerleader, a support system, a wealth of knowledge and a motivator. I would, and do, follow her blindly as she has proven herself and her abilities time and time again over the past year. I am stronger and more fit than I could have ever imagined a year ago.  Nancy always meets with me a huge smile and plan of attack, and although my initial reaction to the vast majority of workouts she shows me is “absolutely not”, before I know it I’ve completed two sets and am ready for the next. Nancy enables me to do things I would never have dreamed of a year ago. I am so proud and honored to have her as my trainer and friend. I look forward to many more years with Nancy, and cannot sing her praises loud enough. She is nothing short of life changing and amazing.Thank you Nancy, for all you’ve done and will continue to do. -Kelly Verba

Fitness Training Testimonial

Nancy willingly carries the “motivation” load for me when I can’t seem to find any for myself. She challenges but never judges, adaptig every exercise necessary to ensure it fits in with my fitness goals or any injuries so that I still get a great workout. Nancy understands we have things to do, places to be and challenges in our life OTHER THAN just being at the gym. Nancy is versatile in her support to clients be it “wake up” texts at 5 a.m., exercise adaptation to your needs, assisting with goal identification, and working with your other health providers to ensure comprehensive care. Nancy can be counted on to offer healthier food suggestions. She also offers opportunities to learn about these in a venue other than the gym so that we can begin to integrate our learning into our daily life. -Lisa Howell

Triathlon Training Testimonial

So grateful to have encountered Nancy Dickinson, the most amazing and inspiring triathlete and trainer ever, during my time living in Las Vegas. Because of her, challenges like a 500-mile bike race seem like a piece of cake. Thank you, Nancy! – Courtney Hill

I have been a triathlete and runner for over five years and in the past year of training with Nancy I have won two age group triathlons, taken third place in a national 10k race, and completed a 48.6 mile endurance race. I have never felt stronger, leaner, or faster in my life and only continue to improve with Nancy’s coaching! Not only does she coach my physical aspect of racing but she continually teaches me new skills such as injury prevention, race day preparation, and mental determination. Nancy is an amazing coach in every sense of the word and I wouldn’t be as successful of an athlete without her!!!
Jennifer Dietlin
Fitness trainer

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