New world run/walk culture in sweating TOGETHER

With pillow lines as fresh on their face as the temperate desert air which only sunrise can provide, I watched them look around for one another…. Not a question, but rather a telling fact- Who’s here so far.  Who will be the week’s success story in keeping their seemingly impossible ritual conviction toward fitness.  Who’s making … Continue reading

Cortisol, discomfort, and how to MOVE through it.

Race day.  Big event.  Public speaking. Stress.  Cortisol.  Anxiety. Those words don’t even finish rolling off my tongue before I start to feel uncomfortable.  Isn’t it an ironic bitch that nearly ALL of the activities that move and shake one’s life for the better- a race, some big and complicated orchestrated event, a moment in the public … Continue reading

The Affiliate Family…What my business REALLY reflects.

I wake up and go to ‘play’, not to work. To further this boast, my sessions/meetings/conferences/collaborations feel like ‘recess’, not a daily grind. My friends and professional partners are one in the same. …How’d I get so damned lucky? I have thousands of ways (to brag) to explain this fabulous disposition in my career.  I could … Continue reading

Zucchini boats!! Ask anyone, I’m a wing-it-kind-of-no-recipe-figure-it out-as-you-go type chef.  I hate following strict structure when it comes to ANYTHING, so don’t expect me to relay such TypeA cooking suggestions. Rather, use common sense with fresh ingredients and spices and you can’t lose.  (And if it tastes like crap, it’s definitely your fault for not following instructions … Continue reading