Triathlon Team

Triathlon Team

This is my incredible triathlon team. Yes, there are others out there, equally insane (perhaps more) and also willing to manage the chaotic balancing act that is competitive amateur athleticism. Myself, Denny, Mickey, Reenie, John, Clint, Grayson, Herman, Paul, and Jeremy are my peeps in this unusual and successful force. We do not race professionally (yet!), but we professionally juggle family, careers and racing. And make it look easy.

Nancy Tri TeamWe are extremely competitive and focused on growth of multisport in our community. Though our journey has barely began, our plan is to make our sponsors proud by being nice community athletic representatives, and getting downright MEAN on the course to break the tape of any race in our path.

We will be linked with charities and are looking to expand our team with all exceptional individuals of all abilities. Wanna join us? Better yet, wanna sponsor us?!!

For more info contact me, Nancy 702-767-7917 or Denny Silva 702-445-0644

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