Corehore Fitness Philosophy

Training with purpose.  Training with wisdom.  Training with balance.  That is Corehore Fitness.  Whether you’re ready to finally take the seemingly giant first step off the couch, or braving the unknown course of your first triathlon, Corehore Fitness will give you an all encompassing plan to help you manifest your fittest self.  Then see you through, start to finish.  Old life to new life.

Services leading you to your very best include: 

ALL wellness venues are heavily complimented by nutrition education. Your training may very well start in the gym and evolve into other positive fitness challenges resulting in greater satisfaction and endless possibilities!

This is an ‘injury preventative’ minded program.  All Corehore clients will be versed on the ways of keeping their bodies healthy and able to train effectively.  As a part of an excellent team of chiropractors specializing in Active Release Therapy, Corehore Fitness has the ultimate resource for ‘keeping moving’ readily available.  Stay functionally strong and stay in the game that is your fit life!

My name is Nancy Dickinson.  I am a mother, a trainer/coach, and a competitive endurance athlete in that order.  I live for balancing motherhood, career, and competition, in the most graceful yet wonderfully chaotic manner.  Come join my amazing family of clients.  Come see what it’s like to develop your own type of Corehore Fitness… strength from the inside out.

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