fitness training

The Corehore general fitness program consists of all that traditional stuff we all are totally NOT interested in i.e. diet, cardio, circuit weight training, stretching/muscular rehabilitation, weight loss/wellness counseling blah blah blah. However!! Over the 11 years in which I’ve been training, I’m pleased to report that I’ve developed a program that not only handles conventional fitness business, BUT YOU WILL ALSO FIND A NEW LOVE AND APPRECIATION FOR YOUR BODY, AND YOU WILL REDISCOVER THE JOY OF MOVEMENT YOU ONCE HAD AS A CHILD. No joke.

Movement heals all. I will help you find the movement that works best for you. THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL FITNESS PROGRAM. We are not limited to a weight room and treadmill. The idea is dabble in all forms of exercise and movement, compliment it with a lot of intensity and hard work, and watch the magic then happen. Circuit training is a great way to increase overall strength, get into better cardiovascular shape, and keep the ever changing workout interesting. Functional exercises combined with core training is a good recipe for finally adhering to an exercise program. Combine that with a group atmosphere (working with others) and the final product is energetic and effective.

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