Tho s This bowl LOOKS like a good ol’ bowl of something way simple and starchy, right?? Only half right!! This, my dearest peeps so nutritionally challenged in the kitchen as only yours truly…. IS CAULI-RICE!! Yes, cauliflower rice!! But without the rice!! And only cauliflower!! Everyone knows the versatility of that famous most boring … Continue reading

Side stepping the Ironman.

I wasn’t nervous at the starting line. I’d already done the ‘triathlon’ though it’s been more like ‘octa-Athlon’ or something with a million more variables and number of disciplines. You see because I’m a working Mother. A working Mother orchestrating typical family work life complimented by Ironman training. A working mother orchestrating typical family work … Continue reading

Veggie pasta!!

This photo is TERRIBLE and looks like something out of the movie Alien. But it’s one of the healthiest, easiest meals I’ve embraced in a while…. VEGGIE PASTA!! Get a $40 spiraler from Williams Sonoma or amazon if you’re smarter than me and are likely to get it cheaper. Then turn any veggies (squashes are … Continue reading

Birthday Blog!

34 baby. I actually LOVE my aging process. I will get the physical/tangible reasons out of the way first just in case readers haven’t yet opened their minds to the greatness of aging! Then I will get into what’s truly inspired this bday blog. That which fuels me better than the best 3 egg omelette … Continue reading

Race taper delusions

So I’m happily entering once again into race season, yayayayayaya!!!! I LOVE race season, naturally, it’s MY WORLD!! Every part every phase every tact every MOMENT of race season is my business. And one particular period brings up a lot of questions from my clients. The taper. The taper is weird. Why are we doing … Continue reading

Balance Schmalance! Embrace the IMBALANCE!

Many of my human moments and exploits on being the ‘imperfect working parent athlete’ have been well documented on this blog. As you readers know, I’m a giant contradiction!- I love to write about how we can succeed in the name of lifestyle management and MOVEMENT! Yet I also find so much joy in confessing … Continue reading