Dear legs,

Dear legs, I fear at times I don’t always express my gratitude fully for your loyal service. You carry me in so many more ways than the obvious. All forms of loving relationships must be nurtured in order to thrive. Cherished. Allow me to provide the proper time and efforts in verbiage to profess my … Continue reading


‘So… do you balance it ALL?’ Barf. This question turns me inside out. I wriggle and writhe with an appropriate answer. No amount of my glorified ‘trainer bullshit’ could get me through THIS question. Can’t you just ask about what a carb is?? Safe run form?!! Glute activation???!!! ANYTHING BUT LIFE BALANCE!!!! My insecurity surrounding … Continue reading

To: my trainer “I can’t sit down on the toilet without thinking of you… From: the client “Keep up your good work in ultimately not crapping yourself”

If I had a penny for every time a client reported to me, ‘I think of you every time I sit down on the toilet’ (referring to their soreness, of course)….I’d have about three bucks. Why does the toilet routine, only, provoke this regular amount of sincerely truthful accounts of basic human needs gone awry from glute … Continue reading

So….you’ve got the ‘six day a week workout week’ dialed in, have you??? The ‘Mobility Seven’ keeps the fit world goin’ roun’!!

Awesome.  Good work.  So on to the SEVEN!….. Holy CRAP!!! The SIX day routine was so elusive for so long and now that I’ve finally dialed it in by accepting my faith of no-life-no-happy-hour-no-excuses lifestyle; I have to commit to SEVEN?!!!  Seven of flipping WHAT??? Seven of MOBILITY. Yes, folks.  Congratulations on your 6 day … Continue reading

What is your MOVEMENT purpose???? A message to the professional trainer: give yourself to your client. Find their MOVEMENT PURPOSE.

I’m the shittiest trainer, ever. I’ve been in the Fitness business for 15 plus years and I’m still not entirely sure of the meaning of ‘training’. Not to mention how on this universal given earth that I might even be able to claim the ability/skills to guide one through a world of WELLNESS outside my own expertise and experience.  Because … Continue reading