I never tire of discussing temporary states of discomfort.  In fact, I revel in the after-the-fact-beloved times that I’m placed in dire straits.  Both in triathlon race, and the race that is our daily life to achieve finish line photos in career/parenting/autonomy, discomfort almost always leads to one thing- Growth. And so is born yet … Continue reading

Declaration of Texas IM Purpose

The days keep running into one another.  One giant bulk of mediocre days from which I can’t be sure than anything productive has developed.  Perpetual ‘Zone 2 days’ turn into semi-productive weeks turn into less than ideal ‘training blocks’ for the average age-grouper triathlete.  Because I’m training for another top shelf of self standard event- THE IRONMAN.  … Continue reading

Dear legs,

Dear legs, I fear at times I don’t always express my gratitude fully for your loyal service. You carry me in so many more ways than the obvious. All forms of loving relationships must be nurtured in order to thrive. Cherished. Allow me to provide the proper time and efforts in verbiage to profess my … Continue reading


‘So…..how do you balance it ALL?’ Barf. This question turns me inside out. I wriggle and writhe with an appropriate answer. No amount of my glorified ‘trainer bullshit’ could get me through THIS question. Can’t you just ask about what a carb is?? Safe run form?!! Glute activation???!!! ANYTHING BUT LIFE BALANCE!!!! My insecurity surrounding … Continue reading